Thinking of chopping off all of my hair since my face doesn’t do anything for it and its ugly and flat anyway. I might look fatter though

I’m glad I get to agonize trying to get past a certian point I’m homestuck because people think its cool to show off and fucking spoil everything for me. I’m sitting here going what the fuck is the point when I know that everyone is going to die anyway? Why can’t I have one good story that doesn’t fuck me over is ruined by some superwholock douchebag? Ugh. It fucking sucks that I can’t be excited about anything anymore. I have literally nothing and with all this constant CONSTANT thinking it would be nice if I had something to make not so damn miserable. I can’t even go to art club anymore because no one fucking respects me or my choices. No. I’m too ugly to go the places that bring me joy. I’m tired of being treated like an animal that needs to be handled carefully, why can’t I just be a normal person who doesn’t give a shit about anything? So many reasons why I shouldn’t wake up tommorow, but everything I do is potential for getting I’m trouble, and I’m terrified of that. I don’t even want to start thinking about next year when I graduate. Because then what? No one ever helps me with anything. I’m sick of being so goddamn slow. I’m tired of anxiety and the feeling of just standing there awkwardly, sick of clothes not looking good on me, tired of being belittled and harrassed by gross fucking males and them wondering why I hate them so much. Just. So. Tired.

Me *asks a quick question about homestuck*
Friend: *tells me all this shit I didn’t ask about that I already know*


*squish squish*


*squish squish*


I wrote an article attempting to identify some of the unearned benefits and privileges my fellow male gamers and I are afforded simply by virtue of being male. Please check out the full article in context over on Polygon.

  1. I can choose to remain completely oblivious, or indifferent to the harassment that many women face in gaming spaces.
  2. I am never told that video games or the surrounding culture is not intended for me because I am male.
  3. I can publicly post my username, gamertag or contact information online without having to fear being stalked or sexually harassed because of my gender.
  4. I will never be asked to “prove my gaming cred” simply because of my gender.
  5. If I enthusiastically express my fondness for video games no one will automatically assume I’m faking my interest just to “get attention” from other gamers.
  6. I can look at practically any gaming review site, show, blog or magazine and see the voices of people of my own gender widely represented.
  7. When I go to a gaming event or convention, I can be relatively certain that I won’t be harassed, groped, propositioned or catcalled by total strangers.
  8. I will never be asked or expected to speak for all other gamers who share my gender.
  9. I can be sure that my gaming performance (good or bad) won’t be attributed to or reflect on my gender as a whole.
  10. My gaming ability, attitude, feelings or capability will never be called into question based on unrelated natural biological functions.
  11. I can be relatively sure my thoughts about video games won’t be dismissed or attacked based solely on my tone of voice, even if I speak in an aggressive, obnoxious, crude or flippant manner.
  12. I can openly say that my favorite games are casual, odd, non-violent, artistic, or cute without fear that my opinions will reinforce a stereotype that “men are not real gamers.”
  13. When purchasing most major video games in a store, chances are I will not be asked if (or assumed to be) buying it for a wife, daughter or girlfriend.
  14. The vast majority of game studios, past and present, have been led and populated primarily by people of my own gender and as such most of their products have been specifically designed to cater to my demographic.
  15. I can walk into any gaming store and see images of my gender widely represented as powerful heroes, villains and non-playable characters alike.
  16. I will almost always have the option to play a character of my gender, as most protagonists or heroes will be male by default.
  17. I do not have to carefully navigate my engagement with online communities or gaming spaces in order to avoid or mitigate the possibility of being harassed because of my gender.
  18. I probably never think about hiding my real-life gender online through my gamer-name, my avatar choice, or by muting voice-chat, out of fear of harassment resulting from my being male.
  19. When I enter an online game, I can be relatively sure I won’t be attacked or harassed when and if my real-life gender is made public
  20. If I am trash-talked or verbally berated while playing online, it will not be because I am male nor will my gender be invoked as an insult.
  21. While playing online with people I don’t know I won’t be interrogated about the size and shape of my real-life body parts, nor will I be pressured to share intimate details about my sex life for the pleasure of other players.
  22. Complete strangers generally do not send me unsolicited images of their genitalia or demand to see me naked on the basis of being a male gamer.
  23. In multiplayer games I can be pretty sure that conversations between other players will not focus on speculation about my “attractiveness” or “sexual availability” in real-life.
  24. If I choose to point out sexism in gaming, my observations will not be seen as self-serving, and will therefore be perceived as more credible and worthy of respect than those of my female counterparts, even if they are saying the exact same thing.
  25. Because it was created by a straight white male, this checklist will likely be taken more seriously than if it had been written by virtually any female gamer.


*tips chromosomes* m’tosis


"All these young girls getting themselves pregnant"

Wow, self impregnating teenage girls, these men should be afraid, we as woman are evolving at alarming rates.




So in the show we have no idea how old Cedric the sorcerer really is. We know that during the “Royal Sleepover” he mentions that he studied magic for 15 years, so if he was the same age as Sofia when he started like 8 years old that would put him to be 23 years old.


So we know this, he’s at least twenty three. He couldn’t be older than 40s though because his dad looks like he’s in his 60s or 70s and I doubt he had Cedric any younger than 20, and you have to take into account how young his mom looks too, so I’m gonna say 23-45ish would be a good guesstimate on age.

I always thought late twenties or early thirties, but with an older age sounds weird to me considering the way people treat him then again it is a kids show =3=

I hate it when the whole class tells everyone not to mention the homework we had the night before because they didn’t do it. I need this grade dammit. Hopefully the teacher catches up.


"My favorite disney movie is The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. But I feel like disney has completely forgoten about Melody. I would give anything to have the opportunity to meet her at the park. This sounds stupid, but she gives me hope that someday I will be a mermaid"


"My favorite disney movie is The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. But I feel like disney has completely forgoten about Melody. I would give anything to have the opportunity to meet her at the park. This sounds stupid, but she gives me hope that someday I will be a mermaid"